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Do you feel stifled in your 9-5?
Like you have dreams but they're not possible?
No passion or fulfillment?
You're in good hands.
I'll help you build up your confidence to go after the life you want.
I suffered through a few jobs in high school and college, realizing pretty quickly that there were more frustrations than benefits when it came to entry level jobs.

And even with higher-level jobs, there was always a tradeoff. Either years of schooling, or doing something you didn't want to do, or listening to someone who you didn't want to listen to, or giving up your weekends or evenings... There was always a tradeoff.

I decided I would find another way. And it started with exploring the possibilities, and it started with the way I thought about life, freedom and passion.

I realized that success started with believing that what you want is possible.

I haven't traded my time for money in a long while. I follow my passions, practicing my hobbies every day, for the most part doing what I want when I want and exploring several countries every year.

And I decided I want to teach others to do the same - to learn to think freely and realize their dream is possible so they can make it happen.

I love writing and making vlogs, so I started writing mid-2015 and never looked back.

I now write WEEKLY blog posts to inspire, motivate and teach YOU to find and follow your ideal life, and I send them straight to your inbox. I already have HUNDREDS of valuable freedom and passion-inducing BLOG POSTS and VLOGS, and I'm writing and editing more RIGHT NOW, including more VALUE PACKED EBOOKS!

From my love for travel, as a very effective tool to create freedom and unlock doors long closed inside yourself, I created an ebook with my travel secrets so you can use the tool of travel to unlock your own internal possibilities.

Sign up today to get your very own digital copy of the Project Unchained Travel Bible, YOUR FREE SAMPLE of how I will help you gain the 

     -mindset and

to follow your passions and live freely through my content.

Join our project. Unchain yourself to live life on your own terms.
~Joe Buchoff
Founder and Lead Content Creator for Project Unchained
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